PostPartum Care

Educated and trained in caring both for newborns and new parents, I am happy to step in and step up to give you a well-needed rest and opportunities to care for your healing body.  I know how precious the private space and time to bond with your newborn is, so I strive to fit into your circle in the most unobtrusive but helpful ways I can. I am adaptive and very much personalize your care, so I am willing to help in all manner of big and little ways.

I have professional experience: cooking healthy meals, helping with breastfeeding & lactation, swaddling, giving nuanced and informed infant care, cleaning house, providing massage therapy, caring for siblings of the baby, and beyond. Special talents include changing stinky newborn diapers without a flinch, & a knack for helping sleepy babies to sleep.

Excellent references available upon request!

Artwork by Elvis Wolf