Birth Doula

I find serving as a doula to be wonderfully powerful work. I love meeting families where they’re at, learning about who they are, what they value, even getting to hear about their personal dreams and wishes.  Not every pregnant person knows what their ideal birth looks like, and that is so valid. How many people spend time to wonder about their dream birth until they’re actually pregnant or aiming to be?  And even then, creating a birth plan can feel like a daunting task. I love to help brainstorm birth options and am able to provide informed experiential knowledge and diverse book and article resources to help you consider your options.  I firmly believe in the philosophy that your birth is yours, and my doula work aims to center your needs and wishes above all.

Care Offered

  • Phone and email consultation
  • Information & resources
  • Lending library of pregnancy and birth books and articles
  • Herbal consultation and research if desired
  • 1-4 prenatal check-ins in person
  • Birth plan counsel
  • ★ 24-hour on-call, beginning 15 days before baby is due through the birth
  • Early-stage labor support by phone if desired
  • Prompt arrival at the birthsite
  • “Fun-bag” of snacks, tea, and pain-reducing and focusing techniques
  • Making sure you are cozy, have blankets, pillows, ice or heat, space, or whatever it is you crave.
  • Familiarity with many local delivery nurses, midwives, and doctors
  • Unconditional emotional and physical support throughout active labor
  • Care for 1-2 hours in hospital after baby’s birth, more if desired
  • Early breastfeeding resources and support
  • One post-natal visit within 3 weeks of birth which includes post-partum care if desired, so you can rest, take a shower or bath, eat some food, etc.
  • Optional 2nd post-natal visit within 2 months of birth
  • Post-partum depression resources and support
  • Postpartum doula & childcare available, learn more here:  PostPartum Care
  • Back-up doula coverage available

Education + Background

Warm Welcome Birth Services Intern to Midwife and Apprentice Midwife, current

WomanCraft Midwifery Education Program,  Student Midwife, 2016-2017
*While my doula care does not involve midwifery services, I am learning a wealth of applicable knowledge around conception, pre-natal care, birth, and post-partum care that informs me in my doula work.

Attended Herbal Support for Pregnancy & Postpartum, taught by herbalist Jade Alicandro Mace of Milk & Honey Herbs at The Childbirth Center at Cooley Dickinson Hospital, March, 2016

Prison Birth Project, Doula and Childbirth Educator, September, 2015 – ongoing
*Being a volunteer doula with PBP also involves being instructed in childbirth ed & ongoing nuanced doula trainings including an in-house intensive doula training completed by Ancient Song Doula Services of Brooklyn, NY in 10/2016

Warm Welcome Birth Services Doula Training and Certification Program, January 2015

Milk and Honey Herbs From the Roots Up: A Course in BioRegional Herbalism, September-November, 2014

Payment Options

$450-750 sliding scale

This sliding scale option allows you to choose a price that feels most comfortable for you, while allowing me to go beyond just covering costs of things like gas, supplies for you and baby, food, and missed work. Payment plans are available with this option: contact Mae at for more info.

$200-$350 stipend 

Payments made in this range help me to cover costs involved with my work, and are very appreciated.

I am available for volunteer doula work if an interested parent is in financial need. My volunteer doula package prioritizes clients of color, teens, single parents, abuse survivors, and LGBTQ families. I am comfortable and experienced in working with non-native English speaking clients.