Queering Birth

As a queer-identified birth doula, it’s a large part of my work to make birth more accessible to queer folks.  In our culture, birth is something especially coded female — the terminology  & pronouns around the pregnant person and their partner, the focus on baby’s gender, the language used for our bodies, the heteronormativity of many childbirth ed classes & hospital settings, etc.   But we know not just moms give birth, and not all birth partners are dads.

I am always excited to extend my big queer heart to pregnant people & their partners who identify as LGBTQI.

Artwork by  Elvis Wolf

Coming Soon! … Queering Birth Infoshop in the Spring!
Join local queer-identified pregnant parents & their partners to discuss childbirth in a queer-friendly space.  Topics will include queering language around birth, advocacy for personal pronouns in medical settings, feelings around gendering babies, and will introduce childbirth ed through this lens.  Facilitated by birth doula, Mae Allard, a queer fat femme.  Bring your own topics too — this is an open platform for people to voice their questions about and challenges with birth.

Contact Mae with questions & to register at wonderbabesbirth@gmail.com



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